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08 Apr 2016

The Gift Exchange

Hi there! Pet Gal Jen here. I have been with the company since July of 2015 and can honestly say, what a life change! Working with animals every day is a real blessing and I am extremely thankful for this experience. Recently, I was asked to write up a few things for Pet Gal. As with most things in my life, I am willing to take on new challenges. The last three years of my life were spent as the GM of a local restaurant. We had a “managers log” that was filled out each shift. As the GM, I had the ability to modify this log to include or not include whatever categories my little heart desired. I customized them for our management team to focus on strengths and weaknesses each shift. My managers dreaded my logs because they were filled with so much of everything. Attention to detail!!! Thoroughness has never been my weakness. I liked to think of them as entertaining in many ways. So, we shall try that here.

As a Pet Gal, our primary task is taking care of animals while their owners are away. We all have our regular clients that we visit on a daily or weekly basis. We know them, they know us (the dogs and cats). We know their behavioral ins and outs, when something is wrong, or when they are in an exceptionally good mood. One of the cutest things is when the owners are home; the dogs are usually pretty fussy about going for their walks. They do not want to leave their owners. Quite an amazing sign of loyalty.

13 Oct 2015

How Do I Turn On My Phone’s GPS?

How Do I Turn On My Phone’s GPS?

Having your phone’s GPS or Location Services enabled is required when doing all visits. This will allow the clients to view dog walk tracking and appointment start/stop location. These two features were the two most requested features by clients to add to the portal software and we want to make sure they are available. Any visit that is completed without Location Services enabled will be treated as an incomplete appointment.

12 Oct 2015

How Do I Track My Pay?

How Do I Track My Pay?

You can track your pay anytime, simply by logging into the portal and clicking My Pay. Access the following tabs by clicking their links in the center of the page.

05 Dec 2013

ASPCA Dog Rescue

A rewarding adventure

I had an amazing eye opening opportunity to work alongside the ASPCA, a nationally recognized animal rescue organization. I spent a week working with their team alongside 3 of my friends and fellow animal lovers. Without divulging too much information as it is still an open case, i will say this, It was the most labor intensive, emotional and mental experience i have ever had, but the most rewarding one and I would do all over again.