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14 Jun 2017

Is It Too Hot To Walk Your Dog?

Is It Too Hot To Walk Your Dog?

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a nice walk with your favorite four-legged friend. Like most dog owners before heading out you probably grab a poop bag, a leash, and even some water then head out to enjoy a nice walk; without knowing it you might be putting your dog at risk of serious injury. Unlike you, they will be going on this walk barefoot, and even though their pads are tough, hot pavement can cause severe burns in minutes.

What may feel like a very comfortable air temperature may result in nearly double on the walking surface, 77 degrees can be 125 degrees on your dog’s paws. At that temperature, skin destruction can begin within a minute! A good rule of paw is to press the back of your hand against the ground for 7 seconds. If it is hot to your hand, it is too hot for your dog.

too hot for a dog walk

Here are 5 tips from a professional dog walker to help you enjoy walking your dog this summer and keeping them healthy.

Walk Your Dog When It is Cool

If you live in a hot state, you should walk your dog before 11 am or after 7 pm.

Walk Your Dog On The Grass

If you must take your dog for a mid-day walk, keep them on the grass; it is much cooler than concrete and asphalt.

Walk Your Dog In Shoes

There are several brands of dog shoes and booties on the market that can provide protection from extremely hot surfaces.

Cool Your Dog After The Walk

Apply cool water to their neck area and paws after the walk to cool them down.

Water Your Dog After The Walk

Make sure to have plenty of room tempurature water available for them to drink after the walk.

Pet Gal Susan.

05 May 2017

We Have An App For That!

We Have An App For That

It is with great excitement that we are announcing our most requested feature of all time – A Client Application! Now you can request services, update your information, view and send messages, review and pay invoices right from your phone.

Get The App

You can also download and start using the Client App starting today! Here are the links to download the App:

Get Started With The App

The short video below will help you get set up and going with the Client App. If you require more detailed instructions please read the Client App Help documentation.

Pet Gal Susan.

29 Jun 2016

Pet Fireworks Safety

8 Pet Fireworks Safety Tips

Like most Americans, your family probably enjoys celebrating with fireworks, but they can be extremely upsetting for pets. Follow the pet fireworks safety tips below to make the Fourth of July enjoyable for the entire family.

Animal shelters around the country are overrun with lost pets frightened during the festivities. The Fifth of July is the busiest day of the year for most shelters.


If none of these tips work for your pet, ask your veterinarian about medications to alleviate your pet’s fear and anxiety.

If your pet does become lost, contact your local animal control and surrounding shelters immediately and follow the rest of The HSUS’s advice for finding your pet.

If you find a lost pet, contact the owner on its tag, ask a veterinarian to scan it for a microchip or bring to the local animal shelter so it can be reunited with its family.

Pet Gal Susan

31 May 2016

Imagine Being Vegan(ish) And Loving Every Minute Of It

Imagine Being Vegan(ish) And Loving Every

Minute Of It

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge in Pittsboro, North Carolina. They are an organization that rescues animals who have managed to escape from meat and dairy farms. I learned so much about the personalities, intelligence and capacity for bonding that farm animals have when they are left to live happy and stress-free lives. Apparently, turkeys are big show-offs and flirts, goats give wet kisses, and chickens can be lulled to sleep by petting their cheeks. The hypocrisy of a culture that spoils cats and dogs while torturing and killing these animals by the masses really stood out after this experience.

15 Oct 2015

Rescue A Pet Today!

Rescue a Pet Today

AHS Needs your help!

The Austin Humane Society continues to receive evacuees from the fires raging near Bastrop. They have already taken in over 72 animals from the Bastrop County Animal Shelter and it the continues today. The Pet Gal wants to help you save a life by offering $100 OFF services for any animal adopted today.

To redeem this offer, you must show evidence of adoption from Austin Human Society on 10/15/2015 and reside in one of The Pet Gal’s service areas.