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20 Mar 2014

We are excited to announce Dog Training!

We are currently accepting appointments for Private Classes and are taking reservations for Group Classes and Good Canine Certifications starting in May. 

Our Dog Training Philosophy

There is more to dog training than come, sit, stay and down. We believe the key to a mentally healthy, relaxed and balanced dog is educating their owners on the advantages of raising and developing a dog using positive reinforcement techniques.

Positive reinforcement focused dog training motivates with enthusiasm and respect. We teach dog owners to use counter conditioning, desensitization, redirection, rewarding and behavior modification to see the quickest, most effective training results.

Our Group Dog Training Classes

All our Dog Training Classes are small with a limited number of dogs to allow individualized attention for you and your dog. The class will meet at the same time and location You will be given the tools to continue training your dog at home in-between classes.

Puppy Training
Puppies 8 weeks to 5 months of age with at least 2 series of vaccines. Our fun-filled 6-week puppy class is the most important class your puppy will ever attend. We will cover socialization and behavior modification.

Basic Training
Dogs at least 5 months of age or successfully completed Puppy Training. This educational 6-week training class will cover basic commands: sit, stay, down, loose leash walking, recall and focus.

Intermediate Training
This advanced training class is ideal for dogs who completed our Basic Training class. Your dog will learn to stay focused with distractions, fronts and finishes, precision heel, and out of sight commands.

Canine Good Citizen
These obedience tests consists of ten different real-world scenarios that demonstrate solid obedience training and reliability. Our evaluator can provide the training and the evaluation or bring your already well trained dog for just an evaluation.

Private Dog Training Classes

Private lessons will take place in the familiar environment of your home, at parks and dog friendly shops and restaurants. We will establish you as pack leader and help you lead your dog with confidence!

New Baby
We will help expectant families prepare for life with your new baby with positive and practical solutions to challenges that often arise when a new baby is introduced to the household.

Leash Reactivity
This lesson will help correct lunging and barking behaviors.

Obedience Training
This educational training class will cover basic commands: sit, stay, down, loose leash walking, recall and focus.

Behavior Modification
This is an important class for dog’s who exhibit fearful, anxious and reactive behaviors.

Walk & Train
Walk & Train will help with issues like pulling, not walking, and biting the leash (service provided by trained dog walker).


Private Lessons: $100 per class

Group Lessons: $180 for 6 classes

Good Canine Certification Evaluation Only: $25

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