Does Your Dog Take You For A Walk?

20 Mar 2014

The Easy Walk Harness Review

The claim. Does your dog take you for a walk? Have aching arms? Well look no further, the  Easy Walk® Harness by PetSafe will turn struggle and a frustration into an enjoyable walk. The difference between this harness and others is the Easy Walk has a front chest attachment for a leash. Which helps you steer your dog to the side making it is easier to redirect his attention toward you. A regular harness is designed to pull against the full body weight of your dog by lifting them in efforts to prevent pulling. The Easy Walk’s chest strap rests across your dog chest applying a gentle pressure under their arms, not on the throat, so there is no chocking. The Easy Walk let’s you take the lead and enjoy the freedom of a stress-free walk.

The check. I used the Easy Walk on my dogs and dogs that came to my training classes.

Bottom line. It delivers! The Easy Walk is a great aid for walking dogs that are strong pullers. I found using a 6 foot leash attached to the front loop really helped  maneuver and turn dogs back to me if they decide to go forward.

Tips. Dogs with short legs, such as Corgis, Dachshunds, chest strap sits too low and they could easily slip out of it.  Also, if your dog is a runner this harness may not be the best solution, I noticed on my Lab’s underarms had redness and loss of hair due to friction.