No More Throwing Slimy Tennis Balls

22 Jan 2014

Hyper Pet’s K-9 Kannon Review

The claim. Hyper Pet’s newest ball launcher is called the K-9 Kannon and promises to save your arm from wear and tear and eliminate throwing slimy tennis balls. It is sold with a single tennis ball, in the built-in ball holder, but you can store an extra one inside the launcher’s barrel. Launching a ball is a simple three-step process, place a ball in the barrel, pull back on handle and pull the trigger. You can then reload without touching a slimy ball by pushing the muzzle down on the ball without getting your hands dirty.

The check. I launched several tennis balls in my backyard for my two Golden Retrievers.

Bottom line. Using the K-9 Kannon did eliminate throwing slimy tennis balls as promised, but the claim stops there. The strength required to pull the handle exceeds the normal wear and tear of throwing a tennis ball or traditional ball launcher and the distance the ball is launched is much shorter than most can throw. Furthermore, the materials do not feel like they would hold up to normal wear and tear and might break relatively quickly. Lastly, the noise created by firing the K-9 Kannon scared my dogs and they did not even attempt to retrieve the tennis balls.


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