Just Say No! (To Puppy Mills)

20 Mar 2014

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On Wednesday February 26, 2014, representatives from the Investigations, Field Operations and Enforcement divisions of the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) presented an overview of the Texas Licensed Breeder Program. The program was implemented in September 2012 after the passage of HB 1451 – the Commercial Dog & Cat Breeder Act. The bill had more opposition than any other legislation ever to fall under TDLR’s purview, but THLN did not give up the fight and succeeded in helping pass HB 1451. Roughly 18 months since the passage of the bill, how does it fare?

The program, which includes a criminal background check and on-site inspections, TDLR has investigated hundreds of potential licensees and has so far issued 146 licenses. Identifying unlicensed commercial breeders is an ongoing task for TDLR, and they depend on Texans to report unlicensed commercial breeders. In the words of TDLR Lead Prosecutor Sharesa Alexander, “Texans are the eyes and ears of this program. We rely on them to tell us if there is unlicensed activity.”

We can’t make these puppy mills completely go away, but we can help by reporting unlicensed, unsafe, and unclean conditions to the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation.

Read more about out more about THLN’s efforts to shut down puppy mills in Texas.

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