Pet Taxi Services in Buda by The Pet Gal


The Pet Gal’s Pet Taxi services offer reliable transportation for your pets to doggy daycare, boarding, grooming, and vet appointments in Buda. Each ride includes pick-up and drop-off, a private air-conditioned ride, and a potty break. For short appointments, we provide a wait-and-return service. Customize your pet taxi with extra pets, miles, hours, or arrange transportation outside business hours. Wedding Pet Chauffering is an exclusive add-on to our Wedding Pet Attendant services.

Benefits of Local Pet Transportation

Pet Taxi rewards you and your pet with the individual attention and service you both deserve. For many pet owners, Pet Taxi is the perfect solution because it is convenient for them and safe for their pet.

A local Pet Taxi in Buda
Pet Taxi in Buda the Uber for Pets

Pet Taxi is UBER for Pets

Forget to adjust your schedule to be available when your pet needs to be at an appointment. Let our Pet Taxi meet your pet whenever, where ever they are to transport them for you.

Pets Ride First Class with Pet Taxi

Your pet will love it too; they are always transported in air-conditioned vehicles that are well maintained and fully insured. For safety and comfort, we can provide a traveling container, and we have a step-up for easier loading and unloading. The best part, as soon as their appointment is complete, your pet is promptly returned to the comfort and security of your home where they will be waiting for your return.

Pets Ride First Class In A Buda Pet Taxi
The Pet Gal's Online Portal Allows Clients To Track Pet Taxis with GPS

Pet Taxis With GPS Tracking

Know your pet met their ride with our GPS Pet Taxi Tracking feature. Our client portal is GPS enabled, allowing you to track check-in/check-out times, and you can even see the route turn by turn on any given pet taxi. Additionally, you will also receive a pet taxi summary with photos!

The Best Pet Taxis

Our pet sitters are all pet lovers first, so they treat your pet like one of their own. Every Pet Gal has gone through an extensive interview process with background checks and is insured and bonded. We go the extra mile to hire the best sitters so you can go guilt-free.

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