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Who we are

The Pet Gal is the top rated, most trusted and caring professional pet care provider in Cedar Park. We offer a complete line of pet care services including Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Taxi, and Pet Wedding Attendant. Every Pet Gal is an animal lover first so you know all our visits come with loads of love and personalized attention. We strive to be the best pet service provider we can so when you choose The Pet Gal, you really can go guilt free.

Our Philosophy

We believe a locally owned business can provide better and more personalized care than large franchises. We built our reputation for outstanding service one client at a time, by meeting the needs both you and your pets expect and deserve.

What is a Pet Gal?

The Pet Gal does more than just hire dog lovers, we hire educated, smart, motivated and highly responsible caregivers. Pet Gals come from all walks of life, some hold master degrees, several are veterinary technicians, dog trainers, all are passionate about their own personal charities and they all have their own pets. We strive to have designated sitters for each service area to ensure your pets can create a bond with their Pet Gal.

Meet Our Owner

Susan Anderson
Susan AndersonFounder & CEO
I worked in telecom, banking, and semiconductors; however, my passion is pets! I quit the corporate world to follow my dream of owning a business tending to the welfare and advocacy of animals. Since I was little, I have always brought home bunnies, cats, and dogs. I spent hours during summer breaks looking for critters […]
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Meet Our Team

Steven S.
Steven S.Pet Guy Cedar Park
I’m Steven, and like all of you, I love animals. I’ve been a dog owner most of my life, even though we lost our terrific Miniature Schnauzer, Sgt. Pepper, a few years ago, my wife and I regularly dog sit and hosted dogs in our home for several friends and neighbors. Living in Cedar Park, […]
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    Beckie K.
    Beckie K.Pet Gal Cedar Park
    Hi, my name is Beckie, and I am excited to be a part of The Pet Gal team! Pet Gals, and Guys, have been taking care of my pups, Ginger, and Pinocchio, for the last two years. I am from Houston, Texas, and now reside in the Cedar Park area. I moved to Cedar Park […]
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      Debbie M.
      Debbie M.Assistant Scheduling Manager
      If there were ever a time in my life when I didn’t have a pet, I don’t remember it! As a little girl, I had a dog and a goldfish. (Probably more than one, but I didn’t know the difference!) As I grew up, I added more dogs, parakeets, and cats. In recent years, I […]
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        Lindsay K.
        Lindsay K.Pet Gal Georgetown
        Hello, my name is Lindsay, and I have lived in Georgetown most of my life. Being the daughter of a longtime Georgetown veterinarian, my exposure to pets and their care was plentiful, starting from a young child. This wonderful upbringing has led to my career choice in the veterinary industry as a licensed veterinary technician […]
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          Ann O.
          Ann O.Pet Gal Cedar Park
          Hi, my name is Ann, and I’m looking forward to meeting your pet family! I’m a long-time Austin resident, having remained here in Central Texas after completing undergraduate and graduate school at The University of Texas. My full-time job as a clinical social worker supports my mission to provide service and care to others, and […]
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            Ginger A.
            Ginger A.Pet Gal Cedar Park
            I grew up in a small town in Oregon before moving to Mexico for ten years and finally landing here in the Austin area. I am a very busy mother of three wonderfully outgoing, energetic human children. I have always loved animals of all shapes and sizes. Growing up, I actively participated in 4-h, showing […]
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