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The Pet Gal built our reputation one client at a time. We feel the best away to get to know us is to see what our clients say about us. We treat our clients just like a member of the family and it shows.

So there I was. Newly relocated from halfway across the country and in sudden need of care for my furry family. In 2009 I hadn't even been in town long enough to make any connections. I hated the thought of boarding the kiddos; not only because they generally despise that situation, but we had also *just* made a major move and they were already feeling a little stressed.

I took to Google! I don't recall what made me ultimately settle on Susan and her newly developed business, but am I glad I ever did!! She came over for the initial meet-n-greet with the fuzzy-butts and it was immediately apparent how much she truly loved animals and how enthusiastic she was about her job. I was really impressed with how thorough she was in collecting information on my pets; not only the basic when do they eat, how much do they eat, where are the leashes/carriers, but also what are their favorite games, where do they hide, how do they like to interact, etc. It was reassuring to me, as an owner, that she took such an in depth interest in each of my pets as individuals. During my time away I received daily updates and pictures via text; the cats always looked so chill and relaxed and the dogs always had their happy grins and wagging tails. . .it made my heart happy to get those.

That was 4 years ago. The Pet Gal has grown by leaps and bounds since then, but the passion and enthusiasm remains. I've gotten to know Susan and some of her team members, and their dedication to animals; not only as it pertains to the business, but also to the rescue groups they are involved with, is second to none!

I have used the Pet Gal ever since that first weekend away and have never been disappointed. My crew loves those ladies, and I know they love my crew. It is evident in every update, every picture, every video I get while I'm away. More importantly, it is evident in how happy and "normal" my pets are when I get home, regardless of how long I've been gone - as if I just ran out for groceries and they got to have a play-date with a good friend. . .you can't beat that.
Lisa L.
Lisa L.

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