Don’t Get Locked Out!

10 Sep 2014

Get Your Lock Box Today!

We will no longer keep possession of client keys, we are converting to lock boxes which will be kept on our clients property.

The benefits of using a lock box:

· Your keys stay on your property
· A back up sitter can get immediate access to your home
· No need for keys to be moved from sitter to sitter
· Your key will always be available in case of lock out
· Eliminates risk of theft from sitter’s car or home
· If you move, you can take it with you


Where will we place the lock box?
Lock boxes should be placed in a location not in view by the street or the front of the house. We recommend placing it on a metal fence, a spigot or in the backyard on a permanent structure. We don’t recommend placing on the front door or porch. It can be permanently placed outside your home or placed in position prior to our visits.

What if I already have a combination lock and/or our sitter’s access using our garage code and we don’t use keys?
Our current pet gal policy states that if our gals access your home through the garage door (fob or combination) or with an electronic key pad, you must have a spare hidden on the property for immediate access. While we love this method of access, power outages and draining batteries can cause malfunction in these devices.

How much does it cost?
At local retail stores lock boxes run about $30 retail. We can sell you our lock box for only $20. If you already own one, we’ll use yours.

What if I don’t want to buy a lock box?
We will no longer hold client keys. This is required to use our services. We will only make exceptions for apartments and condos.

What are the specifications of your lock box?
· Brand new metal lock boxes
· Re-settable 4 digit combination lock box
· Tight-fitting, matching color protective vinyl cover
· Large vault allows for extra key storage
· Hardened shackle provides extra security
· Vinyl coated shackle to prevents scratches
· 4′ tall, 2-1/2′ wide and 1-1/2″ thick

How will my sitter access the lock box?
A preset 4 digit code will be provided. You have the option of changing it (instructions will be included). The combination, along with the location of the lock box, will need to be entered in your client profile in Power Pet Sitter.

I probably wont be scheduling visits for some time, should I get my key back now?
No, that’s not necessary. We can keep your key and return it to you to place in your lock box when we start the visit series.

Who will know the combination to my lock box?
Combinations will be saved in our secure Power Pet Sitter scheduling software. Power Pet Sitter’s servers are collocated at Peak 10 carrier-class collocation facilities with fault-tolerant, fully redundant connectivity. All of the communications with Power Pet Sitter are encrypted. Your primary & secondary Pet Gal will have access to your profile.

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