Don’t Get Locked Out!

10 Sep 2014

Get Your Lock Box Today!

We do not take possession of client keys, we only use lock boxes and electronic locks.

The benefits of using a lock box:

· Your keys stay on your property
· A back up sitter can get immediate access to your home
· No need for keys to be moved from sitter to sitter
· Your key will always be available in case of lock out
· Eliminates risk of crime from sitter’s car or home
· If you move, you can take it with you


Why do I need 2 tested keys?
We require that you place two tested keys in your lock box to prevent lockouts. If a key does not work or your sitter locks themselves out they need immediate access to your home to care for your pets. If they are locked out because only one key was placed in the lock box they will contact a locksmith and you will be charged the lockout fee.

Where will we place the lock box?
Lock boxes should be placed in a secure location, out of the elements, and easily accessible by your sitter.

What if I want you to use my garage door?
Our sitters must have immediate access to a working key either from a lock box, or your emergency contact in case of a power outage, dead batteries, or a malfunction in these devices. If your sitter is locked out for more than 30 minutes they will contact a locksmith and you will be charged the lockout fee.

How much does it cost?
At local retail stores lock boxes run about $30. You can purchase a ShurLok lock box at your Meet-N-Greet for ONLY $22! If you already own one, we will use yours.

What if I don’t want to buy a lock box?
We will no longer hold client keys. This is required to use our services. We will only make exceptions for apartments and condos when keys can be picked up and returned to the office.

What if my doorknob will not hold a lock box?
We have door hangers that can be purchased for $8 that will allow you to hang your lock box from your door. For tall doors please hang from the side so your sitter can reach the lock box.

How will my sitter access the lock box?
After you set your lock box combinations you will need to update them along with the location of the lock box in your client profile. At each visit, your sitter will have access to view the information and gain access to your lock box.

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