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29 Jun 2016

Pet Fireworks Safety

8 Pet Fireworks Safety Tips

Like most Americans, your family probably enjoys celebrating with fireworks, but they can be extremely upsetting for pets. Follow the pet fireworks safety tips below to make the Fourth of July enjoyable for the entire family.

Animal shelters around the country are overrun with lost pets frightened during the festivities. The Fifth of July is the busiest day of the year for most shelters.


If none of these tips work for your pet, ask your veterinarian about medications to alleviate your pet’s fear and anxiety.

If your pet does become lost, contact your local animal control and surrounding shelters immediately and follow the rest of The HSUS’s advice for finding your pet.

If you find a lost pet, contact the owner on its tag, ask a veterinarian to scan it for a microchip or bring to the local animal shelter so it can be reunited with its family.

Pet Gal Susan