Debbie M.

Pet Gal Cedar Park & Scheduler

team member

If there were ever a time in my life when I didn’t have a pet, I don’t remember it! As a little girl, I had a dog and a goldfish. (Probably more than one, but I didn’t know the difference!) As I grew up, I added more dogs, parakeets, and cats.

In recent years, I was fortunate enough to be adopted by two dogs who both lived to be almost 17! We went through so much together—from the puppy days when they ate my couch, my blinds, and half my wardrobe, to the end of their lives, when I provided 4 months of “pawspice” for one, and had to make a difficult decision for the other. I am now fortunate enough to still have a 15 ½-year-old collie/chow/lab mix and a 7-year-old boxer/lab/pittie mix. Add to the household three kitties and two parrots, and you can say we have a lively group!

I lived and taught in central Florida for six years, where I was part of a group who fed and provided TNR to a colony of around 150 cats. I continue to feed ferals (and provide TNR) in my own back yard and also with a local group in association with Shadow Cats

I am a retired English teacher, mother of three and grandmother of eight, who started with The Pet Gal in November 2012. Before that, though, I had my own pet sitting business for a few years, and then I did pet sitting part-time while I was teaching, so I have experienced almost every possible situation!

I am dedicated to holistic care for myself and my own pets, and this includes feeding them all a raw, species-appropriate diet. I am still learning, thanks in large to my wonderful holistic vet.

I absolutely love what I do, I love my Pet Gal clients, and I am so thankful for the honor of caring for your pets, too!

Certifications & Continued Education:

Understanding Dog Behavior & Body Language

Pet CPR & First Aid Training

The Dog Alliance, Caring for mobility-impaired and geriatric dogs (at least 20 hours)–Dr, Judi

Keller, Sunflower Holistic Veterinary, Pawspice training, including sub-q fluid administration and
injections, caring for an actively dying dog, and holistic wound care, at least 15 hours–Dr. Judi

Keller, Sunflower Holistic Veterinary, and How to Prevent Pet Cancer Series–7.5 hours.

Three years of work caring for, trapping, neutering, and rehabilitating a feral cat colony on St. Joe’s
Walkway in Flagler County, FL.

Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist – 2020

I am also knowledgeable in many aspects of holistic pet care, including diet, vaccines, pest
prevention, wound care, etc.