Dianne T.

Pet Gal Cedar Park

team member

My Name is Dianne,

I have lived in Cedar Park for 20 + years with my wife Tabitha and 3 dogs, and 1 kitten. I worked at Target for 20 years as the Assets Protection manager and retired in 2019. I love to fish, do all kinds of fishing (gear or fly, fresh or saltwater), and do metal detecting. I enjoy the outdoors, meeting people, and learning about new ideas. I also am fluent in Spanish. Our babies are 3 dachshunds, Binky, who is 15 years old, Colby, who is 9; and Sammy, 3 (my terror child LOL). Our kitten Toodles came only 3 months ago as my wife rescued her from a bad situation. She was very sick and spent several days in ICU and the animal hospital. When we went to take her to the hospital, they told us she would be transported to the animal shelter. At that point, I told them we would take responsibility for her, and she was our kitten. It was touch and go with her, but she was a little fighter. She is now a beautiful kitten, pretty healthy, and so much fun. We love all our babies so much, so please be sure I know how important your fur babies are to you.

I look forward to working, meeting, and caring for your pets!

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