Elizabeth B.

Pet Gal - North Austin

team member

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Bono. I was born in Austin then moved to North Carolina, but I moved back to Austin in 2014. I have grown up with at least one pet in the house at all times. I currently own an adorable puppy named Oahu who is the most energetic dog I have ever had.

I have a love for all types of animals which has led me to work with them in many different ways throughout my life. I helped manage a kennel before coming to The Pet Gal. It catered to all animals and allowed me to have experience with many types of animals, from dogs to bearded dragons to sugar gliders to pigs to parrots.

The highlight of my week is when I go horseback riding at a local stable and am able to relax with horses I have gotten to know over the past 6 years. I also enjoy bringing my pup out on walks and spending time to train and teach her new tricks.

I can’t wait to meet and care for your adorable fur babies!

Pet CPR & First Aid Training
Canine Body Language
Cat Behavior Certification