Gina Molitor

Pet Gal

team member

Originally from the midwest, I have been a lifelong pet momma– from gerbils to the family dog as a child, to cats as a single gal through college and my working career, then raising two pooches from pups during my 20-year marriage. Our sixteen-year-old Pekingese-Shih Tzu, Buddy, is thankfully still perky, healthy and oh so spoiled. (He has, for instance, a dixie cup of water delivered to him on the bed each night!)

Because I’m just a fool for animals, I’ve been fondly known as Aunt Gina to many friends and family as their furbaby sitter over the years. I can’t think of anything more soul-nourishing than to dote on your pets’ emotional and enrichment needs. It pegs my “joy meter”. And I know how important it is to have competent, loving coverage to relieve your anxiety when you can’t be together with your pets.

At one point, I quit my corporate career in television marketing to begin a pet bed fabricating biz while caregiving my father who had Alzheimers. Consulting with fur clients and their humans on design particulars was always a wag. Wet kisses, always the bonus!

Here’s to earning your pets’ affections~

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