James C.

Pet Guy Round Rock

team member

I was raised in Houston and have lived in Austin since 2001. Animals have always been a part of my life having dogs throughout my childhood, but as an adult, I became involved in animal rescue and have been heavily involved since 2014. The rescue I am involved with, Pawsitive Karma Rescue focuses on rescuing the often-overlooked animals from high kill shelters. Through my involvement with the rescue, I have gotten acclimated to a wide array of animal personalities, behavior issues, and medical needs.

Our household has three sweet pups; Charlie, Siona, and Rosie, who were all rescued from high kill shelters in Houston and San Antonio. Charlie is a Chiweenie and a very typical little dog; can be super sweet, but also has his hyperactive and yippy moments. Siona was adopted a few years after Charlie and is a mid-size cattle mix with high energy. Rosie came along a few years later as an unfortunate adoption return and is actually Siona’s daughter. She is a bigger mixed-breed dog with a lot of love and she quickly became a foster win, joining our family. We also have multiple cats ranging from extremely social to skittish. Our brother and sister duo of Matt and Claire are both special needs 3 yr old cat, Matt being blind and Claire having severe luxating patellas, but neither lets it get them down. Our other sweet cats range in behavior and temperament, but we love them and interact with them to their comfort level.

In addition to our animals, we have a revolving door of fosters coming in and out of our home as we work to find them their forever homes. It keeps us busy and keeps life interesting.

I enjoy pet sitting and making sure that our client’s beloved pets get top-level care and attention while they are away. From personal experience, I know that it can be stressful being away from your “children” and knowing that they are being cared for in a way that minimizes their stress and maximizes their comfort is my goal.

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