Jennifer I.


team member

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to be The Pet Gal’s first full-time employee as a client scheduler, having started out as a pet sitter in November 2014. I’m passionate about organization and attention to detail and a strong believer that even the smallest details can have a huge impact, having worked at a number of companies in different industries performing administrative work.

After just a few months serving as a Pet Gal, I stepped into the client scheduler in April 2015 and love it! I enjoy serving as a resource to our clients when they have questions or seeking advice and love the fact we have a caring and selfless team that you can entrust with your pet(s). I’m also a huge animal lover who’s come all the way from Wisconsin to my new home in Round Rock, Texas. The special girl in my life is a lab-mix named Callie I rescued awhile back. I couldn’t dream of being without her. I grew up in a pet-loving family having owned cats, dogs of every size, hamsters, turtles, and, of course, the obligatory goldfish. I grew up on a farm so we had the occasional orphaned baby pig living in our house that we bottle-fed.

Being someone who occasionally travels back to Wisconsin to visit family, I know how important it is to leave a pet with someone you trust. It is important to find someone who will not only take care of your pet’s physical needs but also care for them as if they were part of their own family.

Understanding Dog Behavior and Body Language – 6 hours – The Devoted Dog
Pet CPR and First Aid Training – Renewed Annually
Cat Behavior Training – 1.5 hours
Canine Body Language – 3.5 hours – K9Workingmind, Training by Tara