Jennifer Reck

Pet Gal

team member

I’ve always loved companion animals. My two dogs are rescues who, in turn, rescued me right back. Henry is my schnauzer and he never met anyone he didn’t love. Ginney, my black and white mix, is MUCH more skittish around new people. Henry and Ginney permit me, my husband and son to live in their house and when my daughter visits from college they are thrilled to enjoy her company as well.

When I’m not pet sitting, I have a blast working with small businesses and non-profits as their business and employment law attorney. Making sure that I get outside a bit each day to see my clients keeps me grounded. Pets are, after all, the best clients around!

Certifications and Continued Education:
Pet CPR and First Aid Training – (renewed annually)
Cat Behavior Certification – 2 hours – Pawsitive Karma Rescue (renewed every 2 years)