Jess Osgood

Pet Gal

team member

I consider myself extremely fortunate, because there has never been a time in my life when I was not surrounded by animals. I grew up in beautiful Upstate New York in a home that always had dogs, cats, and other smaller critters, supplemented by the injured (and not injured) birds, toads, mice and other assorted wildlife I “rescued” while wandering the wilderness. When I grew up, I milked cows for several years before I moved to Austin in 2005. When I arrived here and realized all the cattle pretty much take care of themselves, I started working as a vet tech, with a 12-year career in both general and emergency/critical care practices. I went back to school to finish my undergraduate degree a couple of years ago, and started pet sitting last year in an attempt to better balance work, school, and life, and I haven’t looked back. Through all my various experiences caring for animals, I have found that the most important element for me is their comfort and well-being, and I am so grateful that I now get to spend my days caring for happy, well-loved animals. I feel like I get to spend all of my time with good friends!

I spend my limited free time doing yoga, cooking (and eating), hiking and camping with my two naughty pups, Carl and Lee Marvin, or napping with my geriatric kitty Marcus.