Kellie Shuey

Pet Gal

team member

My family moved from Cali to Texas when I was just a wee Kel. I have lived in Central Texas all my life. When I was small I loved animals so much I either wanted to be one when I grew up or work with them as a vet. Though I didn’t do either, something else that has been a big part of me is art and design and have for the most part been the focus of my life and work. I have always had a strong love for animals and the joy they bring to life, So when I felt the need to shift life I wanted very much to pursue something that allowed me to enjoy animal company more. Which I have with The Pet Gal!

I have my own fur-love Tado, a tabby cat of 13 who I have had since she was a stray kitten. She is my best friend and family. I know how that bond and love is so I will always love and treat your pet with the same respect and care as my own.

Certifications and Continued Education: