Kelly O.

Pet Gal Round Rock

team member

Hi pet moms and dads! My name is Kelly Oliver. I am originally from Albany, New York, and have lived in Round Rock for the past 18 years. I recently retired after 27 years of being a Juvenile Probation Officer. Before that, I was in the Army working in the Intelligence field.

I am a single mom of an 18-year-old son. I have also been the mom of two Rottweilers – I am very comfortable with bigger dogs.

After years of having a very stressful job, I wanted to have a fun job taking care of and giving lots of love to your pet family members.

About eight years ago, when one of my Rotts was a “high maintenance” puppy, I needed help. I called The Pet Gal, and they made me feel such relief! I knew then that when I retired, I wanted to be a part of The Pet Gal team!

Pet CPR & First Aid Training
Canine Body Language
Cat Behavior Certification