Lynsi M.

Pet Gal Colorado Springs

team member

I’m Lynsi-Anne from Louisiana, raised in the beautiful four corners of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Where I’m from, you could travel twenty minutes north and be in the Great Colorado Mountains, thirty minutes east and at our Farmington Lake, drive two hours south to view the Continental Divide, or an hour to the west and be the only civilian life for miles in the Apache reservation.

My little family consist of three others, my dogs. I saved all three from the shelter, but in reality they saved us. We have a Shepard/Pit mix, named Jonesy. My princess, the Yorkie/Chiwawa mix, and last, but not least the trouble maker, our Lhasa Apsos, Moufasa! They are family and are treated as such.

We love weekends swimming at the river or hiking in the mountains! They are my hobby! Before I moved, I had a Yorkie who had passed last summer at age sixteen and another Chiweenie that belonged to my mother; bringing the complete total of dogs to five, up until last year. I had my hands full, but I’ve accomplished several chapters of my life with multiple dogs. It’s hard for me to not take any more home, but three is a peaceful number. For the moment. HA HA! My ultimate dream is to have an animal ranch rescue, where every pet could be trained, loved and treated with appreciation without the issue of food, money or space; which truly is the reality stopping the urge to bring more home.

My love for animals is the entire reason I’m a Pet Gal!I took advantage of the opportunity because it provides a variety of animals and situations, to learn as much as possible, to gain personal insight, and the animal love I get in return is just a bonus!


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