Malene P.

Pet Gal Austin

team member

My name is Malene, and I am from Copenhagen, Denmark but have resided in Austin, TX, for the last two years. I am super excited to be part of the Pet Gal team and take care of all your sweet companions!

Since I knew how to crawl, I have loved animals in all shapes and sizes. Whether it be ladybugs crawling between my fingers, a hurt birdy that needed a safe place for the night, or my best friend’s turtle – I loved them all. And when I was old enough to have animals of my own, I have never been without them. I have shared my home with parakeets, a cat, and today three dogs – Molly, Max, and Charley.

Although I love all animals, I must say dogs have become almost an obsession of mine. I have studied them for many years, participated in training classes with my dogs as well as clients’ dogs, volunteered at shelters, and been a dog walker for a few years now. So, it would be an understatement to say that I am excited to take care of your fur babies as well.

Whatever companion(s) you share your home with, you can rest assured that I will be taking care of them like were they my own (because I will likely be wishing they were :))

I look forward to meeting you!

Pet CPR & First Aid Training
Cat Behavior Certification
COVID-19 Vaccinated