Pam Turner

Pet Gal Georgetown

team member

I was smitten with a kitten at age 6, and being a clever 6-year old I named her Tabby The Tabby. She kept my family in smiles for years. I never thought her antics could be topped until I adopted my cat Calliope. At the time I lived in a loft apartment and Calliope would jump out the open window and explore along the awning. One night she went out and came back with a hotdog in her mouth! I hoped the poor soul who lost his dinner had some leftovers.

I have always marveled at the athleticism of cats. I find them unique creatures full of intelligence and personality.

Dogs have been in my family for generations as well as horses and even an occasional kinkajou. …until we could find the correct environment for them. The dogs were lazy working dogs on an easy-going ranch. Like if the cowboys weren’t working then neither were the dogs.

I’m proud to be working with this professional company and look forward to caring for your pets, too.

Certifications and Continued Education:
Pet CPR and First Aid Training – renewed annually