Pat D.

Pet Gal North Austin

team member

I began life in animal rescue when I was 7 and have cared for animals ever since. My experience includes having pets (a lot of cats, 2 dogs, a hamster, turtles, and fish), shelter management, 10+ years volunteering with special needs cats in a sanctuary environment, kitten fostering and socialization, walking dogs at a shelter, and humane trapping (TNR) of community cats. My 4 cats are all rescues, and a couple came to me with health issues, such as Jake, who is partially blind and deaf and has kidney disease. And then there is Clara, who has a bit of a wild side, and would have been hard for anyone else to adopt her. I love her so much! I really enjoy it when I get to spend time with dogs since I currently don’t get to live with them.

I love being around animals and am thrilled to be part of The Pet Gal team, where I meet so many wonderful pets!

Pet CPR & First Aid Training
Canine Body Language
Feline Behavior Certification