Laura Riley

Pet Gal

team member

Growing up on a ranch in South Texas, I was constantly surrounded by horses, swine, cattle, cats, and dogs.   Throughout my life, I have continued to love and have animals by my side.  I love big and small animals.  They all bring love, joy, and comfort to our lives.

We moved back to Texas, after living in many places, due to my husband’s military career, but always had a couple dogs traveling with us.

We have two amazing basset hounds, 11 and 3 years old.  We’ve had two Therapy dogs who brought love and healing to individuals at a hospital.  We also participated in therapy dog reading programs in local elementary schools and public libraries.  It’s amazing how the therapy dogs help kids relax and improve their reading skills, and help people feel better!

Many of our animals have needed special care due to medical issues, and I understand the importance of details and taking care of special needs.  I am very particular about what my dogs eat and their environment.  I treat other people’s animals, with the same special care we give to our own pets.

I’ve taken care of many types of pets throughout my life, and love being around animals. I look forward to loving and caring for your fur babies!