Renee A.

Pet Gal Round Rock

team member

Growing up in Southern California, I had the opportunity to work with, care for, and be the pet mommy to, many fuzzy children. I volunteered at the Lang Foundation for homeless-domestic dogs and cats, and also The Wildlife Waystation. Then, joyfully, for four years, I worked at the Santa Barbara Zoo where I cared and made meals for all the Zoo animals.

Eventually, I made my move to Round Rock Texas and within a few years, I began working with the wonderful pet-care company, The Pet Gal. I have 5 kitties of my own, three that I rescued and two that rescued me.

I understand completely that your pups, kitties, goats, chickens etc., are your family and children, because my kitties are my family. It would be my honor to care for your fuzzy children as though they were my own, and I would make sure they are safe, happy and fed. Just give The Pet Gal a call and I will be there.

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