Supna S.

Pet Gal Central Austin

team member

I was born in northeast Texas and moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area as a young child. I then moved to Austin to attend The University of Texas at Austin for my undergraduate and graduate work. In fact, I have been in Austin nearly 21 years!

I grew up with the most amazing and loving German Shepherd and have been partial to them since then. My family and I got her when I was about five years old after I asked for a puppy nearly every single time one of my parents left the house for anything. My dog and I grew extremely close as I got older – she was almost like a sibling to me. I do not currently have any pets due to my work schedule, but I love serving as an “aunt” for my friends’ pets, both house sitting and pet sitting for them, and all of the pets I care for through The Pet Gal.

I have always loved animals and anyone who knows me, even briefly, knows I am passionate about them. With the hope to have a pet again the future, my serving as a Pet Gal is a great way to spend time with lots of different animals (and pretend as though I have pets of my own at the same time). I love the fact The Pet Gal is a locally owned, female-owned business with a long history of animal care and passion. This job enables me to balance a full-time job I love with being able to care for adorable pets I get to bring lots of love to.

I earned bachelor’s degrees in Communication Studies and Economics and a master’s degree in Social Work all from The University of Texas at Austin.

Certifications and Continued Education:

Pet CPR and First Aid (renewed annually)
Canine Body Language – 3.5 hours – K9Workingmind, Training by Tara