Susan Anderson

Founder & CEO

team member

I worked in telecom, banking, and semiconductors; however, my passion is pets! I quit the corporate world to follow my dream of owning a business tending to the welfare and advocacy of animals.

Since I was little, I have always brought home bunnies, cats, and dogs. I spent hours during summer breaks looking for critters under rocks, exploring the “giant creek” (the not-so-giant woods behind my childhood house), looking for turtles, and digging through window wells in search of toads. In my teen years, I explored my lifelong interest in equines and volunteered for local rescue groups in our community.

We always had wonderful family pets, and I always took full responsibility for their care. Our beloved Golden Retriever, Skol (who arrived the same year I was born), and I, formed a friendship lasting 15 years; he was my first love.

When I am not doing Pet Gal work, I enjoy gardening, horseback riding, traveling, boating, and spending time with my family. All of our pets are rescues, from our semi-feral cat, Tom, to our loving dog, Jake, a foster fail from our volunteer work with Gold Ribbon Rescue.

The Pet Gal was established in 2009, and we’ve had numerous opportunities to create wonderful relationships with our clients. It’s been so rewarding participating in the major changes in their lives, from graduations, marriages, and new homes to new babies. We’ve been there for last-minute dog walks when agents need to show a home. On several occasions, we not only provided pet sitting services when clients were married but even participated in their special day! It is very heartwarming to see the gratitude in new moms’ eyes when providing mid-day dog walks so they can get some much-needed and deserved rest. We find it especially rewarding when our pet sitting service allows us to form a bond that alleviates stress levels with dogs and cats related to recent moves. Our bond with our clients (fur and human) is irreplaceable; they continue to bring us joy every day. Each pet client truly becomes part of our family, and we care for them like our own pets.

One of the most rewarding aspects of owning The Pet Gal is how it has allowed us to give back to the pet community. We participate in fundraisers, attend group events and give back by providing free nail trims at events, with 100% of the donations going to local rescue groups.

Rescue and advocacy are of paramount importance to us. We utilize social media including Twitter, Facebook and our monthly newsletter to help dogs and cats find their furever homes and we gladly share photos and information on lost pets. We recently worked with Love-A-Bull and were successful in pulling a pittie mix in his last hour from a kill shelter outside of Dallas. With the love of his new furever mom, the help of the organization, and several loving, caring, and determined dog lovers, Rolo is thriving and happy with his newfound life.

The Pet Gal has brought me years of joy, and I find it so incredibly rewarding. I have a magnet in my office that reads, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This is so very true. Every day is a joy, and I’m very grateful for this pet-loving community, our wonderful, caring, and compassionate clients, our stellar Pet Gals, and the opportunity to work with our amazing pet clients. It’s truly the best job ever!

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