Suzy E.

Pet Gal Round Rock

team member

My name is Suzy Elledge. My love for pets is what sparked me to enter the wonderful world of pet sitting and dog walking. As a kid, I grew up with a household of furry friends – from lots of cats and dogs to having had bunnies at one time! I completely understand how much joy pets bring to our lives – especially now in the hustle and bustle of life.

Formerly an elementary school teacher, I was known by my students as a cat lover and animal advocate – saving kitties from the side of the road on my way to and from school at times!! While I loved being a teacher, my husband and I decided that I should stay home to take care of our first child, Troy and later his sister, Sara. My children have grown up loving and caring for the pets who have made their place in our family and have even been there for the rescue of two of our pets.

We now take care of our two dogs, Yoshi and Alphie. These two enjoy listening to my kids play the guitar or the piano. They love listening to the things the kids are learning while schooling at home. They love chasing the squirrels that visit our yard, going on walks, eating green beans, and love “loading up” and going for a ride in the car! What huge roles these two play in our family – and I know you feel the same way about your pets.

I am so grateful to be a part of the Pet Gal team enjoying so many wonderful pets – with all of the wonderful and loving personalities they offer me on my visits. My kids are always excited to hear about my pet visits when I return home. My daughter, Sara now wants to be a Pet Gal when she is old enough!! What a wonderful privilege it is to have the opportunity to care for your sweet babies!! Thank You!

Certifications and Continued Education:
Pet CPR and First Aid Training – renewed annually
Cat Behavior Certification – 2 hours – Pawsitive Karma Rescue (renewed every 2 years)
Canine Body Language – 3.5 hours – K9Workingmind, Training by Tara