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Pet Gal

Hi, my name is Tess. I’m thrilled to be a part of The Pet Gal team and have the opportunity to care for your little babies.

I grew up along the coast in California and made my way to Austin in 2009. I just love that Austin has good people, amazing green spaces and hiking, an avid food and music scene, and perhaps most importantly – it’s a complete dog- and pet loving city, with a big focus on rescue animals.

Loving and caring for animals is in my blood. I grew up in what I like to call a residential zoo because our house was always filled with a handful or more of dogs & cats as well as whatever little animals us kids decided to love on – be it guinea pigs to water dragons, we had an open door policy. I come from an animal family in which no phone conversation is complete until everyone shares exactly how each of our pets are doing and what funny things they’ve been up to (zoom appearances by all pets are mandatory too!). I know that’s how you feel about your fur, feather and scale babies.

I worked in the events and wedding industry here for eight years before I switched to working for myself in 2017. I now freelance as a project manager and small business consultant. I joined The Pet Gal team to complement my work-from-home schedule because, well, I love animals! Having the opportunity to care for your fur babies brings a lot of joy into my days. I can’t tell you how many smiles and laughs this work gives me on a daily basis.

I have one APA! rescue pup who is the center of my world. She’s a bit lazy, a bit squirrel obsessed, constantly sighs like a dramatic teenager (if she could roll her eyes too she would), has more neck rolls than should be fair and looks like she could have some brown bear cousins. She is my everything. She is a reactive pup and doesn’t like strangers entering the home, so I know what it is like to want to know and really trust those who enter your home to care for your animals while you are away.

I consider it a privilege and an absolute joy to be able to look after and care for your furry family members as part of the Pet Gal team.

Pet CPR & First Aid Training
Canine Body Language
Cat Behavior Certification