Vicky Parker

Pet Gal

team member

My name is Vicky and I am excited to be a part of The Pet Gal. I grew up in PA, but have lived in Texas for over 26 years. I can’t remember a time in my childhood growing up when we didn’t have a cat or fish. Then the love of dogs came when we got our first puppy. My brother and I were so excited. Since then, I have continued to love all animals.

I have a 14-year-old Dachshund who has had back problems over the past 7 years. We have had our ups and downs with him, but he has really been first place in our life. He has IVDD, (Interverbal Disc Disease). He has had 4 herniated disks, so I know what it’s like to care for a dog that has special needs. He can’t go with me on long walks anymore unless I take him in his buggy. He is just happy to be with me and able to smell all the smells in the air.

Since we’ve had Jackson, I know what it’s like to leave your furry friends behind. You want the best care possible and you need to trust that they will be taken care of. I want to assure you, I will love on your babies just like they were my own. I look forward to working with The Pet Gal for many years to come. Thank you for letting me take care of your furry friends.

Certifications and Continued Education:
Pet CPR and First Aid Training (renewed annually)
Cat Behavior Certification – 2 hours – Pawsitive Karma Rescue (renewed every 2 years)