Annie P.

01 Sep 2013

My animals — all 12 of them — are my life. I have a hard time traveling and leaving them in the care of anyone because they are so important to me. Then I found The Pet Gal! Susan Anderson gave me the gift of being able to travel and not worry once about any of my animals because I knew they were in good hands. She tended to not only my 5 permanent dogs but also to any foster dogs we happened to have while she was out at our ranch near Austin. She also expertly cared for our horses and donkeys — even bottle feeding a rescue mini donkey for us! I’ve never trusted anyone with my animals the way I am able to trust Susan. In fact, after moving to Colorado and interviewing not one, not two, but THREE local “professional” pet sitters whom I did not feel comfortable leaving my pets with, I called Susan. I was more than happy to pay for her to come up to Colorado to take care of our pets so that I could attend a family wedding with no worries about my animals. Actually, she’s been up here twice and I see more and more travel in her future to Colorado. You can tell that someone knows what they are doing when an animal owner as picky as myself hires her from out of state. You can trust Susan and her team with your pets — they treat them as though they were there own, much-loved pets! I cannot say enough good things about The Pet Gal.

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